Business Board Room

Redefining Business Support

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Client focussed

At BBR each client has their own specific challenges which need a tailored and bespoke resolution



Whatever the situation, our aim is to understand what our clients want


Honesty & Integrity

These are at the centre of any of our discussions and interventions


Whatever level our clients are at, we always aim to help them forge partnerships, with whoever will best help them.

Results Focussed

We always strive to keep our members on track with their required end results

FUN and light hearted

While always keeping the environment at each BBR session FUN and light hearted.

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What The Members Are Saying:

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

“I recently joined The Business Board Room, (BBR), about five months ago. I expected to be shown how to take my business to the next level along with other liked minded people.
What I found was that I was part of a group of highly intelligent, motivated, friendly and hard working individuals with an aim committed to helping others as well as themselves.
The meetings are structured and orderly but also fun and very enjoyable at the same time.
The main benefits to me have been the brilliant accountability structure that’s in place. The clear answers given to what ever problems and fears that you may be facing, along with an action plan to help combat these. The sense of belonging and warm friendship that exists within the group.
Although we all have different businesses, Sukhi has the ability to understand each and everyone.
For anyone looking to take their business to the next level I highly recommend BBR.”

Halstead Ottley

“BBR was a million miles away from what I expected, everyone was great, Sukhi and his team are truly amazing and understanding, the atmosphere was very pleasant and family like, everyone In the room is there to hand hold you, and not discourage you but to encourage you.
Being accountable to someone other than your self is very important, it gives you that extra push. We also set some goals at my first BBR meeting, and I slashed them, all because of this one BBR meeting my takings for the store have increased and a very healthy rate of around £150 per day, I am far more motivated since joining.
Sukhi is really an inspiration, his methodology is as easy as ABC, no matter what your business is, and the BBR is for all. The BBR has already paid for itself.”

M.P August 2014

“So I’m really excited that the BBR has got me to this stage…and I feel with Sukhi’s guidance and support that I am now truly ready to receive my new venture and my true calling is almost being made verbal and available to me!!!! YAY!!!! 🙂
Thank you to all of you for your wisdom, advice, mentoring and for sharing the bus ride with me.
‘m just getting off at this stop but will pick the BBR bus up at another stop later on the journey!”

A.V February 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BBR for?

To be honest is is suitable for anyone, from those entrepreneurs, presently employed with just an idea, who want to see their idea come to life, to the New Start Up, through to those Small to Medium sized Businesses or Business Owners who want to move to the next stage of Growth.

Is there any particular Market Sector?

No to be honest our resident senior Business Coach and Mentor, has had experience and of a wide variety of business sectors, from Retail, Property, through to Electronics, Manufacturing and the World of Finance.

How it works?

The Business Boardroom has 3 components:
1) A monthly face to face meeting.
2) A virtual offline/online mentoring support tools.
3) An accountability buddy.

The Business Boardroom will meet every month, for a year, at the same time and place, for a 4 -5 hour session; this will include refreshments on arrival and during the course of the session.

What happens each month?

Every member attends one BBR event each month. Here they will bring to the table a problem or a situation which is causing them concern. This will be discussed and ideas and solutions are provided not only by our resident Business Specialist and Mentor, but also by the other attending Members, if they feel they have either some experience or knowledge that would be of help.

Is there a discount?

On occasions we have event only discounts which are available on the day of the event only.

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Only £350

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