How it works?

The Business Boardroom has 3 components:
1) A monthly face to face meeting.
2) A virtual offline/online mentoring support tools.
3) An accountability buddy.

The Business Boardroom will meet every month, for a year, at the same time and place, for a 4 -5 hour session; this will include refreshments on arrival and during the course of the session.

The structure of the session will involve each member beginning with a 1 minute pitch of who they are. Then in turn, each member will present their business challenge, and the Chair of the Boardroom will open the Board for discussion of challenges, invite other members to offer solutions and then round up a summary of solutions with tailored business advice from the in house experienced business mentor & coach, especially and uniquely to your business challenge. The member receiving the solutions and advice has the unique position of just receiving tailored support and business acumen exactly relevant to their business…..all you have to do is note all the actions…and get into action!

Once all members have presented and offered advice, an accountability buddy will be allocated from the group – member to member.
The accountability buddy is a key role in the Business Boardroom, as he/she has the task to checking in with you in between monthly meetings and offering moral support and accountability to the commitment to your actions! A great peer to peer support!

The Board will also offer a virtual offline/online toolkit and group forum and mentoring support for the group to keep track of actions, successes and information which may be useful to each other.

Where do I sign up?

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