What happens each month?

Every member attends one BBR event each month. Here they will bring to the table a problem or a situation which is causing them concern. This will be discussed and ideas and solutions are provided not only by our resident Business Specialist and Mentor, but also by the other attending Members, if they feel they have either some experience or knowledge that would be of help.

There is a special format which is followed for each member, to ensure they get the maximum from every session they attend. We also ask each member to take notes and at the end of the evening they will set actions for the forthcoming month. These are overseen by the in house coaches to ensure they are aligned with the clients end Goals.These actions are then reviewed at the next monthly event.

During the month they will also receive an accountability call from a fellow board member. These accountability partners are changed monthly to ensure every member is being kept accountable to their highest order, and so complacency does not set in.

In addition each month they will also receive a call from one of the BBR Coaching Team, just to ensure if any additional coaching or mentoring help is required, then it is available.

Finally every Member records their actions into a Task come Project Management Accountability System, which maintains a complete “History” of their Journey within BBR. It can also be used for other personal or Business Related tasks, as the system has privacy levels and viewing restrictions which each member can set for themselves.

Where do I sign up?

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