What is BBR? And Who is it for?


The Business Boardroom’s purpose is to sustain accountability and support using tried and tested mentored strategies, to constantly grow individual businesses in the national arena that takes the form of a 1 year active monthly physical meeting with soon to be virtual capability. The platform is designed for both start-up entrepreneurs to join and learn the right business acumen to take their first steps to building a successful business and those already established looking to take their business to a new level. The Business Boardroom offers the opportunity to be supported in a group accountability for a year; with other like-minded entrepreneurs with the understanding of working together at a high level mastermind to share current business challenges with a formal corporate structure and to offer solutions and support in a professional, open and trusted environment.

Starting a business from the beginning can be a challenging and lonely path to begin. Whilst the opportunity and possibilities are bright and positive, the very first days, weeks, months and even years can be an incredibly stressful and challenging time, especially, if you are working on your own. Search engines will provide 100s of pages of advice, guidance, toolkits and online forums, but still can all feel all too overwhelming to read, assimilate and learn quickly, especially on your own.
The Business Boardroom offer a professional, open and trustworthy space for like-minded start up entrepreneurs to join for a 1 year tailored mentoring programme, which offers unique business advice and guidance specifically for your business, and also the added opportunity of growing and learning alongside a group of like-minded start-up entrepreneurs.

Where do I sign up?

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